Safety Rules

When you enter the fencing room off the street please make sure your shoes are clean and walk around the strips.  For participation in class, bring your own indoor shoes, and put them on before class.  DO NOT WEAR YOUR STREET SHOES FOR CLASS, you might TRACK DIRT OR WATER ACROSS THE STRIPS.  It creates a dangerous situation for the fencers!

    If fencing is in progress on the strips, STAY AWAY FROM THE STRIPS.   Please wait for a break in the action and make sure the fencers are aware of your presence before crossing the strips.  It is impolite to the fencers and dangerous to you if you are standing too close to the side of the strip or attempt to get across the strips in the middle of the action.  In addition, bear in mind that, while the action at that moment may be at one end of the strip, fencers may move from one end of the strip to the other very quickly! If you practice with the dummy (weapon in its hand) you must wear a mask!

    And remember……. Never point a weapon at anyone if they are not properly suited up and wearing a mask and jacket.